Kinect for Windows v2 Development Kit program

Excited as I write this to tell you. I am chosen for the upcoming Kinect for Windows v2 developer kit program, this means access to alpha sensor, pre-release Software Development Kit (SDK) and final release sensor when it is launched.

Here’s the full details of the program.

Kinect for Windows development kit program

Next to the new SDK they’ve announced the Kinect for Windows development kit program for a fee of $399. Developers who are selected for the program are granted early access to everything they need to start developing for Kinect for Windows v2.

The program includes these things –

  • Direct access to the engineering team via private forum & exclusive webcasts
  • Early SDK access (alpha, beta, …, until final release)
  • Private access to the API & sample documentation
  • Pre-release/alpha sensor
  • Final release sensor when it gets launched

$399 might seem a lot but if you take a look at what you get and know that K4W v1 hit the shelves for $250 makes a lot of sense and next to that you get a head start.
I apply to the program and hope to get my hands on one so I can provide some tutorials on how to use the new sensor, I’ll keep you posted!

You need to apply here before 31th of July and the program will begin in November of 2013along with the launch of Xbox One. Kinect for Windows v2 will hit general availability in 2014.

Note that it is not guaranteed that you get into the program, you have to be selected.


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  • twoElectric

    Congratulations. I really wish I was as lucky as you. There are some really great improvements with the Kinect v2. I want one for my research but I need to wait until next year.

    • zubairdotnet

      Thanks, hoping to receive the sensor and blog about it too, keep checking.

  • Gutemberg Ribeiro

    Hello! Gratz that you got choosen. I just received the email from Microsoft as well. Signed the document and pre-ordered the fee. Lets wait ’till late november to get our hands on it!

  • Ming Guo

    I received a letter from Microsoft tody,they say preorder Kinect for windows 2 will release by 2013/11/25,have you got the same news?

    • zubairdotnet

      Yes I did receive the same

  • Ahmed

    Hi Zubair.. Can you give some advice where can i buy kinect v2 for windows in dubai or pakistan?

    • zubairdotnet

      In UAE you can get Kinect 2 for Xbox One and $150 PC Adapter for $50 then you can use it with Windows 8, you can get the free SDK from