Retargeting Windows 8 RSS Reader to Windows 8.1

Recently I installed Windows 8.1 RTM and Visual Studio 2013 Release candidate and decided to upgrade my @Win8RSSReader open source app to Windows 8.1. I checked in the first batch of changes to the source code, though it’s a long way from the finish line.

There are a number of changes to Windows 8.1 including Page life cycle improvements, Visual States and Snapped View, see Windows App builder blog. There is also a retargeting guide on MSDN

In the first step, I retargeted the start page ItemsPage.xaml so here are few things I did.

Opening up the solution in Visual Studio 13 you get this option to retarget, notice the Solution Explorer says (Windows 8), selecting an option from right-click ‘Retarget to Windows 8.1’ modifies few required settings in Package.appxmanifest and .csproj files 

Retarget to Windows 81

Next up remove dependency on the older C++ Runtime package and reference the latest package

Remove SDK

Imported NavigationHelper, ObservableDictionary and RelayCommand types from a blank HubApp project template that Visual Studio 13 RC generated for me


Other most important things before launching the app

That’s about it, see the source code on Codeplex.