Review of Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python – Starter Bundle

Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python book

Last month I started reading through Adrian Rosebrock’s latest book Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python, this book is divided in 3 bundles, Starter, Practitioner and Image Net bundle.

Each bundle is targeted at different audience, for those familiar with Python, Machine Learning and looking to get started with Deep Learning for computer vision there is Starter Bundle and data scientists looking to apply Image Recognition to their own problems can go for Practitioner and Researchers would be more interested in the ImageNet Bundle

Starter Bundle

I completed reading Starter Bundle recently so I decided to share my review in this post.

As oppose to some other books which assume prior knowledge of basics of deep learning with Convolutional Neural Networks and image processing, Adrian starts from the early days and history of deep learning explaining why it didn’t work and why now, then he goes to show the fundamentals of image processing and how they are constructed, this gives a solid foundation for rest of the book especially to newcomers in the field of image processing and computer vision.

Dividing his book in 3 different bundles allows him to expand on every bit of detail that is important, to give you an idea Starter bundle alone consists of 23 chapters, starting from basics to case studies where learners can apply their knowledge with practical code examples. Some other books for the sake of completeness and in favor of keeping low number of pages would generally avoid going in depth into those details.

Prior to reading this book I have learned a lot of this from various courses and blog posts so having seen those topics covered in such a detailed way in one place which builds on top of learnings from the previous chapter looked very refreshing to me

Adrian spends a good amount of time implementing a neural network from scratch and guides you along the way, this is different from other sources who would jump straight into Tensorflow or Keras without building an intuition of the reader. In my opinion if you are new to deep learning, implementing a Neural network yourself is the key to understanding the inner working before diving into frameworks which hide some of the low-level details from you


This book comes with code for each chapter that is not only detailed and easy to understand but if you are an experienced developer it is also ready to be used in your own implementations. Code is covered with very descriptive comments to help you understand what’s going on in every block of code which is very helpful when using it.

Also in his book Adrian highlights some of the subtle details such as the Keras configuration file, in my opinion most of the books would just skip over and go straight to coding. I find this helpful and if it wasn’t for this book I would not have considered this file for a long time, what those values are and how to change them when required, for example Theano uses channels first ordering whereas Tensorflow uses Channels last ordering when processing images so depending on which underlying framework you use for Keras you need to change this setting in the config file. All code examples in the book are also easier to run even in the cloud where I have tested them myself

I have definitely learned new techniques such as how to schedule your learning rate, techniques to spot underfitting and overfitting by babysitting your deep learning models and so on.

Like I covered earlier, this Starter bundle ends by showing you practical case-studies including obtaining and labelling datasets from scratch, training your models and prediction with live-camera or video.


I totally enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait to start reading the Practitioner bundle and even implement some of the learning in my own work. If you’re new to deep learning and looking to get started I recommend that you read this book

Happy learning!

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